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Finally here: Copying CoreHR database to Sandbox

Many times (during the last 2 years and after 5 Dynamics 365 for Talent implementations) I had no convincing answer to the following question: how do you make a copy  - easy and completely -  of the production CoreHR database? Because Dynamics 365 for Talent is a Hybrid Application (this is my own name, not coming from Microsoft), we have 3 products that are Power Apps native (Attract, Offer Management and Onboard) and 1 product with an Finance and Operations database  - CoreHR. (if you want...
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How to Copy the Production Environment to Sandbox in Dynamics 365 for Talent

In my previous article I was showing you how to copy the Production environment to Sandbox, from LCS, only for CoreHR. But the architecture of Talent is complex. You can see the architecture below:Therefore, there are 4 applications which are sending and receiving data from Power Apps: Attract, Offer Management, Onboard and CoreHR. The last one is still having the database on a Finance and Operations database.DISCLAIMER 1: The following steps represent my own view on how to copy Prod...
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Offer Management integration with DocuSign

In March 2019, Microsoft announced the integration of Dynamics 365 for Talent (the Attract/Offer Management module) with DocuSign, to automate the candidates offers signatures on different documents in the sent offer package.More information about the announcement can be found here: https://cloudblogs.microsoft.com/dynamics365/bdm/2019/03/11/dynamics-365-for-talent-now-supports-docusign-for-offer-signatures/.But how does this actually look?Step 1. Make sure you have purchased the Com...
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GDPR in Attract?

Recently I read a Microsoft Community  answer provided by Harsh Srivastava (Program Manager for Dynamics 365 for Talent at Microsoft), one of the great guys responsible for the work on Talent (mainly Attract) and for bringing fast the new functionalities.The question on the community was about deleting a candidate profile and my answer was to do it from CDS. This is a good answer, if you don't care about the European GDPR regulations :)). But if you do care, Harsh's answer is much better. ...
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There is a new Worker Form in town. And it’s really cool!

If you have recently activated (after the 1st of September 2019)  a new instance of Talent, you will have a very nice surprise with the new Worker (Employee form) and the way data is displayed. Below, is a screenshot of the new form and I'll also point some improvements brought by this:1. Right above the picture and the name, it shows the Employee Status (Active, Pending etc)2. Employee's picture - what was only available in the People tab (where you could find the hierarchy), now is...
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Partner Trials for Dynamics 365: Finally working the way they should!

Microsoft has finally fixed an annoying issue for Presales/Sales consultants, but also for customers looking for a trial. When going on trials.dynamics.com, consultants were asked to enter a company email and not a personal one.If you would have used the company email, with the corporate domain, the trials would have been associated to the corporate Office 365 account and only system administrators could have configure and use the trial. Also, if administrators already have created the t...
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Leave and Absence: Changing the unit from hours to days

When I started implementing Dynamics 365 for Talent 2 years ago, the Leave and Absence module was not very "friendly" with the European employees. Leave and Absence is probably the only module in CoreHR, that Microsoft really took care of, and invested in new features and updates. All the focus was on Attract, Offer Management, Onboard and CDS integration. Leave and Absence is an important module in the HR framework, but it's still missing important features, such as Time Reporting and Attendanc...
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Working with more recruiters in Attract

I had the following scenario, in a recent Dynamics 365 for Talent implementation: a team of recruiters was sharing responsibilities during the hiring process; one was doing the interviews, other one was creating and sending the offers, in Offer Management (of course, after buying the Comprehensive Hiring Add-on). The first recruiter has enabled the option "Launch Offer Management App on Prepare Offer". The second recruiter received and email, notifying him that the candidate has been ...
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Having trouble accessing your Talent instance from your LAN?

I recently started the implementation of a Dynamics 365 for Talent project for a customer with many security restrictions and the project team was complaining that they don't have access to the the public link: https://signin.hr.talent.dynamics.com. They were getting the "wonderful" error This site cannot be reached...Browsing the internet and Microsoft resources, I stumbled upon this blog Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations. Static IP Addresses? which is explaining what IP ranges ar...
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