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Embedding 3rd party apps and webpages in Dynamics 365 Human Resources

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After one year of seeing the feature in an early preview, I have finally “felt” how it is to add, test and enjoy embedding third party apps in CoreHR, aka. Dynamics 365 Human Resources. WAW, they are simply amazing!

So what can we embed?

1. Model Driven app – has to be in the same Environment (I’ve tried with apps from other environments, in the same tenant but it doesn’t work). We embedded our recently created recruitment application (Zoom Recruitment) and it looks simply beautiful.

You can find out about our recruitment app by downloading this PDF document

2. Websites – as long as they support https:// protocol, websites can be embedded. You cannot navigate to other sites or links posted on the website.

3. Canvas-Apps – this is simple and it follows the already known pattern. The navigation is much easier because is uses the full screen and Canvas Apps designed for tables can be used very nicely.

4. Power BI – you can now embed every power BI report you want! We have asking for this for a long-long time and it’s finally here.

5. (Still in testing on my side) Hopefully I can also add a SharePoint site

Even better, we can embed Model Driven Apps and other Websites directly on the Employees Self Service page.

Today, the 30.03.2020, they is available as a previews, so make sure you verify your Sandbox environment for these goodies.

How to activate it:

1. Go to System Administration

2. Click on Feature Management

3. Enable first the Saved Views and then Full page apps (in this order)

4. Go to Home and personalize the TilePageContainer and Add a page

5. Add a Website, or a Power Apps or a Workspace

6. Optionally, you can Publish the page for different security roles in Dyn365 HR. For example, you could publish a Power BI dashboard only for managers.

Don’t hesitate to reach out to me if you need further help.



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