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GDPR in Attract?

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Recently I read a Microsoft Community  answer provided by Harsh Srivastava (Program Manager for Dynamics 365 for Talent at Microsoft), one of the great guys responsible for the work on Talent (mainly Attract) and for bringing fast the new functionalities.

The question on the community was about deleting a candidate profile and my answer was to do it from CDS. This is a good answer, if you don’t care about the European GDPR regulations :)). But if you do care, Harsh’s answer is much better.

A new functionality is available in Attract and can be accessed if you go to https://attract.talent.dynamics.com/personreport.

You will get the following screen:

The following options are available:

a) Delete

b) Anonymize – this option will delete the name of the candidate and recruiters will no longer see it. Only the application record will be kept

c) Export – will export JSON file with the candidate data


Attract is still missing important GDPR features, such as Opt-In or Opt-Out, automatic removal, candidate’s agreement to use their data for future jobs etc., but this is a big step forward.

A workaround for the above issues would be to create a model-drive app, use Voice of the Customer (Deprecated) or Microsoft Forms Pro and get things done. My company has already developed a solution on top of CDS, a model driven app handling the GDPR agreements. Let me know if you want more details.

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