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How to Copy the Production Environment to Sandbox in Dynamics 365 for Talent

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In my previous article I was showing you how to copy the Production environment to Sandbox, from LCS, only for CoreHR. But the architecture of Talent is complex. You can see the architecture below:

Therefore, there are 4 applications which are sending and receiving data from Power Apps: Attract, Offer Management, Onboard and CoreHR. The last one is still having the database on a Finance and Operations database.

DISCLAIMER 1: The following steps represent my own view on how to copy Production Environment to Sandbox in Dynamics 365 for Talent and it’s not endorsed of confirmed by Microsoft.

DISCLAIMER 2. This article shows only how to copy the Production to Sandbox and not from Sandbox to Production, even thought the steps might be the same.

DISCLAIMER 3. I have not tried it yet, so this is a concept, but this is how I would/will do it.

Step 1

Do a copy of the PowerApps – CDS environments before doing anything else: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/dynamics365/admin/backup-restore-instances. Just in case…

Step 2

Microsoft says: You must first copy your Human Resource database before copying your PowerApps Enviroment. Then, follow the steps provided in my previous article: https://talent.asgcrm.com/finally-here-copying-corehr-database-to-sandbox/

Step 3

Copy the Production CDS Environment used for Dynamics 365 for Talent to the Sandbox environment. We are doing this first, because you will copy all the data from Attract and Onboard to the Sandbox environment, but also existing Core HR records. The next steps will copy the CoreHR database from Production to Sandbox and will overwrite the records and settings for the specific cdm_ entities. The


During this step you will also copy all the model driven apps, the Plugins developed, the integrations created in the Power Apps Solutions. The recommended copy is the Full Copy.


I will prepare a video when all I will be able to do it.


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