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I’ve been waiting for a sync like you…

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Good things come for those who wait…and I’ve been waiting a lot for this one: Dual-write automates data flow between Dynamics 365 applications and Common Data Service.

Microsoft announced the general availability of the Dual-write capability, which enables data to become available natively on Common Data Service across Finance and Operations apps, and model-driven apps in Dynamics 365.

What does this mean?

For Dynamics 365 Human Resources it might mean that we can bring data back in Core HR (Dyn365HR), from F&O. The template provided by Microsoft for CoreHR (actually CDS entities) integration with F&O contained only one-way sync task. From CDS to F&O. With this new feature, we can also bring data back in CDS and Dynamics 365 Human Resources.

Near real-time and bidirectional

Dual-write provides a tightly coupled near real-time and bidirectional integration between Finance and Operations apps, and Common Data Service. Any create, update, or delete in either location results in writes, in near real-time, to Common Data Service. For example, creating a customer in a Finance and Operations application creates an account in Common Data Service and vice versa.

Embedded experience in Finance and Operations apps

Organizations enable and administer dual-write from within Finance and Operations apps they’re already familiar with.

Ability to customize entity and field mappings

Every organization is different, so we provide you with a way to modify and customize entity and field mappings

Everything you wanted to know about dual-write in F&O and some great business scenarios can be found here: https://cloudblogs.microsoft.com/dynamics365/it/2020/03/27/dual-write-automates-data-flow-between-dynamics-365-applications-and-common-data-service/

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