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Leave and Absence: Changing the unit from hours to days

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When I started implementing Dynamics 365 for Talent 2 years ago, the Leave and Absence module was not very “friendly” with the European employees. Leave and Absence is probably the only module in CoreHR, that Microsoft really took care of, and invested in new features and updates. All the focus was on Attract, Offer Management, Onboard and CDS integration. Leave and Absence is an important module in the HR framework, but it’s still missing important features, such as Time Reporting and Attendance.

Another problem which kept me awake in every Talent implementation was to agree with the customer on how to define and report the holidays requests: in hours, in days, in half-days? I was very careful in understanding the customer’s HR processes and choosing the correct unit, because once you did it, you could no longer change it. So, if you choose hours in Human Resources Parameters -> Leave and Absence -> Unit for Leave and Absence and employees start making requests, you cannot switch to Days anymore.

So what happens if the customer changes his mind (what are the odds of this happening after discussing this topic???!!!) and wants to switch from Days to Hours or from Hours to Days?

If we are lucky, we don’t have too many Leave and Absence Plans defined and enrolled employees. But if we aren’t, then the plan removal from the employees’ profiles is quite a headache.

The solution is in CDS (Common Data Service) and PowerApps. We must delete the records from the following entities and in this order:

  • Leave Request Detail (to remove the number of hours or days associated with the request)
  • Leave Request (to remove the actual holiday requests)
  • Leave Enrollment (to remove the employees associated plans)
  • Leave Plans (make sure you first export and save them for re-import)
  • And VERY IMPORTANT, Leave Bank Transaction

Click on the entity and then select DATA:


The data can be deleted using the “Edit data in Excel” option or you can open the Classic way of manipulating data in CRM.

Go to https://[org_name].crm4.dynamics.com and do and Advance Find on this entity. Display the records, select all and Delete.

After performing these steps, you should be able to change from Days to Hours of the other way around.

When describing the steps above, I assumed that Employees have not yet submitted any holiday request and you are before the Go-Live moment. If the system is already in production, you need to export the requests in Excel and re-import them with the correct unit.


If you need help, don’t hesitate to contact me privately and I’ll be happy to assist.


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