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No Gauge? No Problem! Microsoft Forms Pro is here!

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On the 31st of October 2018, Microsoft has retired the recently released Gauge. No reason was given, but it was no longer available. The Dynamics 365 Talent community was a bit surprised, because Talent (mainly Attract) is missing a very important tool for Surveys, Questionnaires, candidates evaluations etc.

After almost 6 months, Microsoft has released some information about the a new version of Microsoft Forms  – Microsoft Forms Pro (more details here https://formspro.microsoft.com/en-us/) which is still in preview, but promises to do many things:

  • Trigger surveys around specific events
  • Collect feedback across channels
  • Embed surveys across apps, web, and mobile
  • Identify sentiments automatically
  • Analyze feedback for impactful insights
  • Work with the tools you already use (including Dynamics 365 for Talent).

Another important question remains: where will the answers be stored? right now, the answers are stored in an Excel online sheet and every answer is showing like a different line. You can play with that excel sheet, but you definitively need excel knowledge and there are so many things we need for a good integration with Attract.

There is a connector in PowerApps for Microsoft Forms and we could bring data in a model-driven app from Forms and From attract and then create Power BI to model the results… but this is too complicated. It means more money for partner, but more headaches for customers.

We don’t know many things about licensing and costs, but I’m expecting it to have a price behind it.

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