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Offer Management integration with DocuSign

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In March 2019, Microsoft announced the integration of Dynamics 365 for Talent (the Attract/Offer Management module) with DocuSign, to automate the candidates offers signatures on different documents in the sent offer package.

More information about the announcement can be found here: https://cloudblogs.microsoft.com/dynamics365/bdm/2019/03/11/dynamics-365-for-talent-now-supports-docusign-for-offer-signatures/.

But how does this actually look?

Step 1. Make sure you have purchased the Comprehensive Hiring Add-on. Even if you can perform Step 2, you won’t be able to send any offer from Attract, without the Offer Management application, available with the Comprehensive Hiring Add-on.

Step 2. Enable DocuSign integration. Go To Attract -> Admin center -> E-Signature and Click on DocuSign -> Save

Step 3. (This takes place in the Offer Management application – https://offer.talent.dynamics.com) Create the Offer for the candidate that got into the offer phase, during the recruitment process, send it to approvers if needed and then, send it to candidate.

Step 4. Before actually sending, you are required to fill in other details, such as deadline for the candidate response, other documents to be provided before joining the company, personalizing the email to be sent and the possibility to use the DocuSign as a signature method. Click on Connect and use the DocuSign credentials (of course, you need to buy a subscription from DocuSign).

Step 5. The candidate receives the offer and logs in the Candidate’s Portal.

Step 6. They click on Review the offer and they will have the embedded DocuSign iFrame with the documents to e-sign

Step 7. Candidates can sign and the signature will be captured on the contracts. Employers can donwload the signed contracts from the Offer Management application, in PDF format.


All the instructions for setting up the Offer Management are available in here: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/dynamics365/talent/offer-setup#configure-an-offer-process, but the DocuSign integration is nowhere to be found but here!


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