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Sad news or a window of opportunity? Goodbye Attract and Onboarding!

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Microsoft has announced today the retirement of Attract and Onboarding, two important modules of Dynamics 365 for Talent, in the beginning of February 2020. By the way, the product will be re-branded to Dynamics 365 Human Resources.

Read the whole announcement here:


The main reason for this change is the intention to promote LinkedIn Talent Hub, which, of course, has another price and also other features.

I really liked the work done by the Attract and Onboarding product teams, in a very short time. I still don’t fully understand why Microsoft is giving up these products.

For partners, this is also going to add some troubles but also some opportunities:

  1. All the investments done by partners into training and learning Attract and Onboard are now down the drain
  2. Many deals will be lost – customers that were considering the “immature” Dynamics 365  for Talent solution will refrain from investing anymore. All the existing deals and leads will get some hard time. Partners will start asking: Why should we invest anymore in this?
  3. LinkedIn is very-very partner unfriendly. Microsoft is saying: sell LinkedIn Sales Navigator, LinkedIn Recruiter, LinkedIn Talent Hub….HOW??? there is no partner license to demo, learn and test the functionalities. Products cannot be sold in blind, on a “just-trust-me” basis.
  4. On the other hand, there are some opportunities to leverage the PowerApps-CDS integration with CoreHR, allowing partners to create their own recruitment solutions.
  5. NO possibility to extend the recruitment functionalities and not CDS integration (yet). Forget about PowerApps and Microsoft Forms Pro!

Read the entire article. If you are a Tale

nt partner or you were planning to sell Talent, then you must be aware of these changes!

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