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Export data from Attract and Onboard

As announced in Retiring Dynamics 365 Talent: Attract and Dynamics 365 Talent: Onboard Apps, Microsoft is going to retire Attract and Onboard effective February 1st, 2020.Export data from AttractYou can export your data without restricting access to your environment. You might want to do this for testing purposes or to understand our data structure. When you're ready to migrate, restrict access to your Attract environment using the instructions after this procedure. Be sure to export your da...
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Sad news or a window of opportunity? Goodbye Attract and Onboarding!

Microsoft has announced today the retirement of Attract and Onboarding, two important modules of Dynamics 365 for Talent, in the beginning of February 2020. By the way, the product will be re-branded to Dynamics 365 Human Resources.Read the whole announcement here:https://community.dynamics.com/365/talent/b/dynamics365fortalent/posts/retiring-dynamics-365-talent-attract-and-onboard-appsThe main reason for this change is the intention to promote LinkedIn Talent Hub, which, of course, ...
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Offer Management integration with DocuSign

In March 2019, Microsoft announced the integration of Dynamics 365 for Talent (the Attract/Offer Management module) with DocuSign, to automate the candidates offers signatures on different documents in the sent offer package.More information about the announcement can be found here: https://cloudblogs.microsoft.com/dynamics365/bdm/2019/03/11/dynamics-365-for-talent-now-supports-docusign-for-offer-signatures/.But how does this actually look?Step 1. Make sure you have purchased the Com...
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GDPR in Attract?

Recently I read a Microsoft Community  answer provided by Harsh Srivastava (Program Manager for Dynamics 365 for Talent at Microsoft), one of the great guys responsible for the work on Talent (mainly Attract) and for bringing fast the new functionalities.The question on the community was about deleting a candidate profile and my answer was to do it from CDS. This is a good answer, if you don't care about the European GDPR regulations :)). But if you do care, Harsh's answer is much better. ...
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Working with more recruiters in Attract

I had the following scenario, in a recent Dynamics 365 for Talent implementation: a team of recruiters was sharing responsibilities during the hiring process; one was doing the interviews, other one was creating and sending the offers, in Offer Management (of course, after buying the Comprehensive Hiring Add-on). The first recruiter has enabled the option "Launch Offer Management App on Prepare Offer". The second recruiter received and email, notifying him that the candidate has been ...
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How to create an automatic email when rejecting candidates in Attract

This video will guide you on how to trigger an automatic rejection email to candidates, from Attract (Dynamics 365 for Talent). The workaround will use a workflow created in PowerApps and will start when the reject button is clicked.There are many more things that can be done in that workflow, but this is just a quick hint. Drop me a message and I'll give you more details about this.
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Reporting and Power BI embedded in Attract

On the 28th of April Microsoft announced the release of a preview feature in Attract: the Analytics tab. The hiring teams can get insight into their recruiting pipeline. The application is using Power BI Embedded. This means you get all the great features of Power BI—filtering, user level security, and data refreshes out of the box—with no Power BI license required. To enable this feature, you must do the following: License the Comprehensive Hiring Add-on In your Attract environment, go ...
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How to get the date in the European format, in Attract

This was a question that I got from my customers, but also from some Microsoft partners. When activating the trial for Attract, the users will see the different dates (for interviews, etc.) in the US format: Month/Day/Year.I managed to change it to an European format by going to Attract -> User Settings -> Language and selecting English (British) - > ApplyWhen I went on the Jobs and Interviews page, I saw it in the desired format, as Day/Month/Year.It is not so strai...
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