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How do CDS Virtual Entities from Dynamics 365 HR actually look

An amazing feature has been released in preview, as part of the Wave 2 of 2020: The Dynamics 365 HR Virtual entities available in CDS. This opens up amazing opportunities to add, edit records in Dynamics 365 Human Resources for a huge number of entities, which were not available until now.I'm super enthusiastic about what I saw and what we can do after enabling these features.First thing: What are the virtual entities?The CDS Virtual Entities represent data from other systems inside ...
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Embed Power BI Dashboards in Dynamics 365 Human Resources

After 2020 Wave 1 releases of Dynamics 365 Human Resources, Microsoft allow the embedding of 3rd party apps. They also promised to allow the embedding of Power BI and, in the future, the change of the already existing Power BI Analytics.With Wave 2 recently announced, I tested the possibility of adding Power BI dashboards with HR data or from other sources.Watch this video to see how easy it is and contact me if you need my help.
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I’ve been waiting for a sync like you…

Good things come for those who wait...and I've been waiting a lot for this one: Dual-write automates data flow between Dynamics 365 applications and Common Data Service.Microsoft announced the general availability of the Dual-write capability, which enables data to become available natively on Common Data Service across Finance and Operations apps, and model-driven apps in Dynamics 365.What does this mean?For Dynamics 365 Human Resources it might mean that we can bring data bac...
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Embedding 3rd party apps and webpages in Dynamics 365 Human Resources

After one year of seeing the feature in an early preview, I have finally "felt" how it is to add, test and enjoy embedding third party apps in CoreHR, aka. Dynamics 365 Human Resources. WAW, they are simply amazing!So what can we embed?1. Model Driven app - has to be in the same Environment (I've tried with apps from other environments, in the same tenant but it doesn't work). We embedded our recently created recruitment application (Zoom Recruitment) and it looks simply beautiful....
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The new Human Resources is in town! (with new features released in Preview)

As promised, Microsoft has released the new product on the 1st of February. Actually was more on the 4th of February, very-very early in the morning, but the features are here:1. First, let's remember the name changes - from Dynamics 365 for Talent to Dynamics 365 Human Resources2. Also, no more Attract and Onboard. Of course, no more Offer Management3. The Price has changed and a new license is available: Dynamics 365 Human Resources - $120 /user/month - a minimum of 5 is requi...
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Export data from Attract and Onboard

As announced in Retiring Dynamics 365 Talent: Attract and Dynamics 365 Talent: Onboard Apps, Microsoft is going to retire Attract and Onboard effective February 1st, 2020.Export data from AttractYou can export your data without restricting access to your environment. You might want to do this for testing purposes or to understand our data structure. When you're ready to migrate, restrict access to your Attract environment using the instructions after this procedure. Be sure to export your da...
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New Prices and Licensing Changes in Dynamics 365 Human Resources

Microsoft announced yesterday (17 Dec. 2019) the new licensing and product fees for Dynamics 365 Human Resources (aka CoreHR). Starting February 1st 2020, we will have the following changes: Attract and Onboard will no longer be part of the offering. Licensing changes: Talent ($40) is transitioning to Human Resources ($120/user/month) with new capabilities (5 users minimum need to be purchased) New Human Resources Self Service offer will lower the total cost of ownership - replacing t...
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