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New Releases

The new Human Resources is in town! (with new features released in Preview)

As promised, Microsoft has released the new product on the 1st of February. Actually was more on the 4th of February, very-very early in the morning, but the features are here:1. First, let's remember the name changes - from Dynamics 365 for Talent to Dynamics 365 Human Resources2. Also, no more Attract and Onboard. Of course, no more Offer Management3. The Price has changed and a new license is available: Dynamics 365 Human Resources - $120 /user/month - a minimum of 5 is requi...
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There is a new Worker Form in town. And it’s really cool!

If you have recently activated (after the 1st of September 2019)  a new instance of Talent, you will have a very nice surprise with the new Worker (Employee form) and the way data is displayed. Below, is a screenshot of the new form and I'll also point some improvements brought by this:1. Right above the picture and the name, it shows the Employee Status (Active, Pending etc)2. Employee's picture - what was only available in the People tab (where you could find the hierarchy), now is...
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What’s new and planned for Dynamics 365 for Talent

Microsoft has released their documentation on topics to be released between April and September.These releases describe functionalities that might not have been released and they are focusing on the following:Attract Wide net, fast funnel Analytics and actions Internal mobility LinkedIn Integration Sourcing and Talent relationship management Administration and compliance enhancementsOnboard Analytics and action Drive to completion Frictionless guide creat...
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