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Offer Management integration with DocuSign

In March 2019, Microsoft announced the integration of Dynamics 365 for Talent (the Attract/Offer Management module) with DocuSign, to automate the candidates offers signatures on different documents in the sent offer package.More information about the announcement can be found here: https://cloudblogs.microsoft.com/dynamics365/bdm/2019/03/11/dynamics-365-for-talent-now-supports-docusign-for-offer-signatures/.But how does this actually look?Step 1. Make sure you have purchased the Com...
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Working with more recruiters in Attract

I had the following scenario, in a recent Dynamics 365 for Talent implementation: a team of recruiters was sharing responsibilities during the hiring process; one was doing the interviews, other one was creating and sending the offers, in Offer Management (of course, after buying the Comprehensive Hiring Add-on). The first recruiter has enabled the option "Launch Offer Management App on Prepare Offer". The second recruiter received and email, notifying him that the candidate has been ...
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