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How do CDS Virtual Entities from Dynamics 365 HR actually look

An amazing feature has been released in preview, as part of the Wave 2 of 2020: The Dynamics 365 HR Virtual entities available in CDS. This opens up amazing opportunities to add, edit records in Dynamics 365 Human Resources for a huge number of entities, which were not available until now.I'm super enthusiastic about what I saw and what we can do after enabling these features.First thing: What are the virtual entities?The CDS Virtual Entities represent data from other systems inside ...
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I’ve been waiting for a sync like you…

Good things come for those who wait...and I've been waiting a lot for this one: Dual-write automates data flow between Dynamics 365 applications and Common Data Service.Microsoft announced the general availability of the Dual-write capability, which enables data to become available natively on Common Data Service across Finance and Operations apps, and model-driven apps in Dynamics 365.What does this mean?For Dynamics 365 Human Resources it might mean that we can bring data bac...
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How to create an automatic email when rejecting candidates in Attract

This video will guide you on how to trigger an automatic rejection email to candidates, from Attract (Dynamics 365 for Talent). The workaround will use a workflow created in PowerApps and will start when the reject button is clicked.There are many more things that can be done in that workflow, but this is just a quick hint. Drop me a message and I'll give you more details about this.
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Reporting and Power BI embedded in Attract

On the 28th of April Microsoft announced the release of a preview feature in Attract: the Analytics tab. The hiring teams can get insight into their recruiting pipeline. The application is using Power BI Embedded. This means you get all the great features of Power BI—filtering, user level security, and data refreshes out of the box—with no Power BI license required. To enable this feature, you must do the following: License the Comprehensive Hiring Add-on In your Attract environment, go ...
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How to create custom fields in CoreHR and send them to PowerApps (Common Data Services)

Starting March 26th, Microsoft opened up Dynamics 365 for Talent by allowing the creation of fields and sending the data to CoreHR. This was not possible until now and creates new opportunities for consultants to get data from CoreHR and use them in integration scenarios (with Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations, but also other applications).Watch my video for how to do it:The available entities are: Worker Ethnic origin Veteran status Language code Job Job type...
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