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The new Human Resources is in town! (with new features released in Preview)

As promised, Microsoft has released the new product on the 1st of February. Actually was more on the 4th of February, very-very early in the morning, but the features are here:1. First, let's remember the name changes - from Dynamics 365 for Talent to Dynamics 365 Human Resources2. Also, no more Attract and Onboard. Of course, no more Offer Management3. The Price has changed and a new license is available: Dynamics 365 Human Resources - $120 /user/month - a minimum of 5 is requi...
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Finally here: Copying CoreHR database to Sandbox

Many times (during the last 2 years and after 5 Dynamics 365 for Talent implementations) I had no convincing answer to the following question: how do you make a copy  - easy and completely -  of the production CoreHR database? Because Dynamics 365 for Talent is a Hybrid Application (this is my own name, not coming from Microsoft), we have 3 products that are Power Apps native (Attract, Offer Management and Onboard) and 1 product with an Finance and Operations database  - CoreHR. (if you want...
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How to Copy the Production Environment to Sandbox in Dynamics 365 for Talent

In my previous article I was showing you how to copy the Production environment to Sandbox, from LCS, only for CoreHR. But the architecture of Talent is complex. You can see the architecture below:Therefore, there are 4 applications which are sending and receiving data from Power Apps: Attract, Offer Management, Onboard and CoreHR. The last one is still having the database on a Finance and Operations database.DISCLAIMER 1: The following steps represent my own view on how to copy Prod...
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