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How to solve the Workflows opening error

In the last two weeks I was constantly getting an error when trying to open any workflow in Talent. When you go to Personnel Management -> Links -> Human resources workflows you will get the list with existing workflows. Clicking on the WF ID will open the editor. After logging in with username and password, the error I was getting was pretty annoying and it wasn't easy find on the internet.After flushing my DNS, trying on many computers and on different browsers, I finally contact...
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How to create an automatic email when rejecting candidates in Attract

This video will guide you on how to trigger an automatic rejection email to candidates, from Attract (Dynamics 365 for Talent). The workaround will use a workflow created in PowerApps and will start when the reject button is clicked.There are many more things that can be done in that workflow, but this is just a quick hint. Drop me a message and I'll give you more details about this.
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