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There is a new Worker Form in town. And it’s really cool!

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If you have recently activated (after the 1st of September 2019)  a new instance of Talent, you will have a very nice surprise with the new Worker (Employee form) and the way data is displayed. Below, is a screenshot of the new form and I’ll also point some improvements brought by this:

1. Right above the picture and the name, it shows the Employee Status (Active, Pending etc)

2. Employee’s picture – what was only available in the People tab (where you could find the hierarchy), now is also available on all employees records, on the Worker form (where it actually make a lot of sense. In fact, all the information from the People tab (second option in the menu, after HOME and before Employee Self- Service) were brought on this enhanced form.

3. Work History tab: shows all the active employments and if an employee is part of on or more Legal Entities – AMAZING!!!! it’s only a click away.

4. Position Tab – Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I was doing 3 clicks to have this information and you (Talent Product Team) gave me more – the Months in Position information in the same view.

5. Links Tab – with everything else, very well split, on a large page.

6. Compensation tab was removed but you can easily find this information in the Menu, on top.


Good times are coming ahead! the October release is preparing to launch an important feature… (which will be available in November :)) ) Embedding the 3rd party apps!

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