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What is the Dynamics 365 for Talent Comprehensive Hiring Add-On?

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Many Microsoft partners and customers are asking about the new functionalities released after October 2018. New, appealing, cool features are available on a weekly basis and many have been advertised for October-December 2018 releases. Amongst them is the Dynamics 365 for Talent Comprehensive Hiring Add-On related functionalities.

There are only few references about this add-on, such as this one:


or highlighted sections on docs.microsoft.com, such as this one:

So, what is it the Dynamics 365 for Talent Comprehensive Hiring Add-On?

1. First, is a new add-on that needs to be licensed. There 3 Tiers available, with different monthly prices, depending on the number of employees the company has:

  • Tier 1 – for less than 1000 targeted employees count – $200/100 employee pack (recommended retail price)
  • Tier 2 – from 1000 to 5000 targeted employees count – $150/100 employee pack
  • Tier 3 – for more than 5k + targeted employees – $100/100 employee pack

you can read all the details in the Dynamics 365 Licensing Guide or you can Download it from here (this document is not updated but is the one available on November 2018).

The Microsoft licensing guide is explicit and this is what it says:

  • “Talent comprehensive hiring: to get the entitlements included with the Talent comprehensive hiring add-on, customers must satisfy:
    – The 5-seat minimum purchase requirement for the Talent application (standalone, Unified Operations plan, or Dynamics 365)
    –  Sufficient number of Talent comprehensive hiring (100 employee pack) add-ons to meet or exceed the number of employees on payroll (e.g. 1500 employees = 15 Tier 2 packs)”
  • Example: If I have 1440 employees defined in CoreHR, I need to buy 15 Employee Packs. This means 15 packs X 100 employee pack = suitable for 1500 Employees, and would fit into the Tier 2 price range

2. Second, buying this add-on would add additional functionalities on the Attract side, such as corporate hiring site, where jobs can be posted and candidates can apply directly on it, offer management advanced functionalities, Candidate and job recommendations, integration with Core HR (Jobs & Positions), more recruitment templates etc.


The licenses are already available to the distributors, so please feel free to contact them for further details.

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