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Working with more recruiters in Attract

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I had the following scenario, in a recent Dynamics 365 for Talent implementation:

  • a team of recruiters was sharing responsibilities during the hiring process; one was doing the interviews, other one was creating and sending the offers, in Offer Management (of course, after buying the Comprehensive Hiring Add-on).
  • The first recruiter has enabled the option “Launch Offer Management App on Prepare Offer”.
  • The second recruiter received and email, notifying him that the candidate has been moved in the Offer stage (this notification was done in a workflow, in PowerApps) and was complaining that he cannot see the “Prepare Offer” button, to start the offer process.

the Microsoft documentation specifies that “any user with the role of hiring manager or recruiter can prepare an offer package for the candidate.” https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/dynamics365/unified-operations/talent/creating-offers

What Microsoft is not saying is that this user has to added to the hiring process, as a Recruiter of as a Hiring Manager, There steps that need to be done

  1. GO TO Settings ->Admin Center -> User Permissions and make sure these users are added in Attract, with Hiring Manager or Recruiter role
  2. in the Job record, GO TO the Hiring Team tab and add team members, with the Hiring Manager or Recruiter role. Click on SAVE

After adding him to the Job opening, the 2nd recruiter was able to start the offer process.


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