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Partner Trials for Dynamics 365: Finally working the way they should!

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Microsoft has finally fixed an annoying issue for Presales/Sales consultants, but also for customers looking for a trial. When going on trials.dynamics.com, consultants were asked to enter a company email and not a personal one.

If you would have used the company email, with the corporate domain, the trials would have been associated to the corporate Office 365 account and only system administrators could have configure and use the trial. Also, if administrators already have created the trials, they would not be able to create a new one.

The workaround was to go and create a trial for an Office 365 subscription, get a dummy email address with the format admin@[domain].onmicrosoft.com and use this for the Dynamics 365 Trial.

Recently Microsoft has fixed this and although they are still asking for a corporate email, they allow you to create a separate trial, different from the Office 365 account or other Dynamics 365 trials. The system will recognize that you are already “attached” to an Office 365 account (If your company is on Office 365 of if you administrator has already used his email in a trial before).

Click Sign In and if you already have a license for any Dynamics 365 product, you will get the below message. Click on “Ok, got it”.

You should get the following screen and tick the box at the bottom: Create your own trial.

This should be it. It’s tested and it works!

PS: Don’t forget about http://demos.microsoft.com. This is a valuable resource for Microsoft partner, but it doesn’t work for all Dynamics 365 prodcuts. You will get a 90 days environment in just a few minutes!!!

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